Fee Guide

FEE for Oral Surgery Procedures
Consultation Fee for Oral Surgery €150
Consultation for Dental Implant cases €100-€150
Removal of one upper impacted wisdom tooth €320
Removal of one lower impacted wisdom tooth €350
Removal of two lower impacted wisdom teeth €550
Removal of four impacted wisdom teeth €800
Surgical removal of one tooth €320
Simple extraction of a tooth €150
Apicectomy+Retrograde filling for one tooth €470
One Dental Implant with Abutment and Crown €2250
One dental Implant for denture support ( excluding denture) €1500
Implant Bridge per tooth/Unit €1800
Bone Grafting Autogenous or Artificial per implant site €500
Intravenous Sedation Adults €150
OPG X-Ray €50
Small Dental X-Ray €25

Fee for other surgical procedures can be obtained by ringing 01-7719100