How Wisdom Teeth Are Removed

Each case is different and Wisdom teeth are impacted differently depending on their position in the jaws that’s why wisdom teeth are removed in different ways.

  1. Straightforward cases can be carried out under local anaesthesia only (injection in the gum to
    numb the area).
  2. Patients who are very nervous about the procedure, have their wisdom teeth removed with intravenous sedation (injection in the arm or hand to relax you and reduce anxiety) and with local anaesthesia (injection in the gum to numb the area). These patients will have little or no memory of the procedure.
  3. Some would need general anaesthesia (completely asleep in a hospital) as they would be very nervous and cannot cope with wisdom tooth surgery under local anaesthesia.

Your surgeon will discuss with you which method is most appropriate for you. The degree of difficulty of the surgery, any underlying medical conditions and other personal circumstances will be taken into account, choosing the suitable method for you.

The procedure can be a simple extraction as it is done for other teeth. It may be a surgical extraction by making an incision (about 1 centimetre cut) in the gum close to the tooth. In some cases a small amount of jaw bone is removed to remove the wisdom tooth.

What Dental Implants Can Do & What types of prostheses are available ?
  • Single prosthesis (crown) is used to replace one missing tooth – each prosthetic tooth attaches to its own implant.
  • A partial prosthesis (fixed bridge) can replace two or more missing teeth and may require only two or three implants. A complete dental prosthesis (fixed bridge) replaces all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. The number of implants varies depending upon which type of complete prosthesis (removable or fixed) is recommended.
  • A removable prosthesis (over denture) attaches to a bar or ball in socket attachments, whereas a fixed prosthesis is permanent and removable only by the dentist to replace all missing teeth.

Hospitals at which I perform surgery under general anaesthesia (asleep):

  • Clane General Hospital, Prosperous Road, Clane, Co. Kildare.
  • Aut Even Private Hospital, Freshford Road, Kilkenny

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